IPS Turk (Turkey International Professional Services), construction and real estate

IPS Turk registered as an international real estate company in Antalya – Turkey. Our history is in Construction and Real Estate in Antalya.
We do register companies for running business, obtaining residence, construction and building, cartography and mapping building, monitoring and enforcement with the official license number 4800494948 from Turkey and work permits number 320216 from Antalya city.

IPSTurk founded as a tourist attraction activities in Istanbul in 1999. The company offers commercial services trade tours and VIP services for clients from Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Russia. We have provided with a special way to organize special occasions like seminars and international exhibitions since 2007, after that we added a similar branch with the same services in Antalya. In 2012, in order to change Turkish low for investment and residency visas to property buyers and investors, IPS Turk focused its activities on real estate. We stablished two branches more in Ankara in 2013 and 2014 in Izmir and started our activities in the field of building design, interior design and construction projects more than a hundred units.

Until recently, we completed and delivered three construction building projects and currently we are in completed of forth project in Antalya. Good point and distinguish feature of our company is affordable price in properties and quality of material. We consider personalization style for every type of our buyer about decoration and furnish and material inside of each units, because of extent advertising of our company in the market of Iran, Turkey and Canada, the policy of our sales offices is collaboration with the prestigious United Arabic Emirates, England and Canada to sell their structures and constructions to clients and investors.

This company is ready to set up, manage and contribute worldwide sales office branches in Turkey because of very strong sales and consulting teams, office facilities, unique transportation services and experienced and trained and qualified personnel with fluent in several languages.

IPS Turk with a long good history could be the perfect partner for you in the following sections:
•   Purchase and sale of residential properties, offices, hotels, workshops, factories, tourist and recreational complex
•   Mapping building and Obtaining all licenses necessary to land your project
•  Utility Contractor and structure from basic to completion and even delivery with furnish According to your custom map
•  Participate in making any projects with likening project without investment of land owner.
•   Accept personal investor and partner in personal project and so on with different functions
•   Construction supervision for quality control contract
•   Interior design and map changes based on standards and obtaining the necessary permits from the municipality.
•   Send supervisor, executive and engineering team for design and implementation to all countries of the world.
•   Immigration and commercial development in Turkey and Canada

Our Canada Immigration Services
In the last decade, IPS Turk by offering unique services and special understanding of the immigration issues and its impact on people’s lives has become one of the most prestigious Canada Immigration Consultancy firms.

Our experience has taught us to assist our clients and bring them to Canada as quickly as possible and to help them with their dream of a better life in Canada. Our excellent record in helping our clients becoming permanent citizens of Canada is the evidence of high levels of our accuracy and professionalism in the work we do.

Many of our clients have managed to obtain permanent residency without going through the interview process with the Canadian Immigration Visa Officers, because their files had been completed consistent with Canada’s immigration standards.

We will assure you that every case will be processed with precision and perfection and we will respect the confidentiality of our clients. All requests will be followed from our head office located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and all information is kept confidential.

Travel and residency services in Turkey
We have years of experience working on Turkey to give us the courage to say that Turkey is our specialty and we provide our client to the best rates of Turkey tours in Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and also hotel reservation, rent apartments, Registration Company. Our immigration consultants and lawyers help you to have legal visas with your family.

Best regards / CEO


IPS Turk offers commercial services trade tours and VIP services for clients from Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Russia. Our branches are in Antalya, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir.

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